1.    to develop a plan to take a commitment to ensure sustainability of the high school.

2.    Ensure ongoing management in this field.

3.    Participate on the local Agenda 21 Project organized by the City Hall.

4.    Develop the knowledge and skills in relation with the comprehension and intervention with the environment through diagnosis and under the direction of the “Ingurumen Batzordea”.


Action Plan:

1.    Promote responsible consumption.

2.    Consuming as little as possible and create the least amount of waste (paper, ink, batteries, plastic).

3.    Reusing all kind of ítems (paper, printer cartridges, batteries).

4.    Maximum product recycle: paper, plastic, glass, electrical equipment, batteries, toner cartridges, disks, CDs

5.    Using the slogan GuBeBai, Gutxitu (reduce), Berrerabili (reuse) and Birziklatu (recycle) and identify special areas defined

6.    Classificate appropriately the waste.

Specific topic of the course: CLIMATE CHANGE

   Recycling in Urbi´s highschool yard

   Yellow container



Coordinating teacher: Itziar Masa

Budget: A direct aid is received by the Department of Education who also offers a three hours credit.